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Hard material KH

KH is a proprietary developed powder metallurgy technology and is used for tools and parts requiring abrasion resistance.
Kohan Kogyo facilities are equipped with more than 100 processing machines for consistent manufacturing, from materials manufacturing to finishing treatments.
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What are KH hard materials?

KH is an original hard material created by Kohan Kogyo and manufactured by using powder metallurgy technology developed at the Toyo Kohan technological laboratory.
As shown in the figure below, KH is a cermet hard material composed of a hard phase that consists of ceramics particles from an iron polyboride substance and of a binder phase that consists of metal equivalent to stainless steel.
The high degree of hardness contributes to its exceptional characteristics, including superior wear resistance together with high corrosion resistance.

In addition, the binder phase can be diffusion bonded to steel by using the characteristics of the metal binder phase. This method makes strong bonding possible without using brazing filler metal.

Photograph of diffusion bonding of steel

  Manufacturing method Hardness Fragility Steel bonding Heat
KH Powder metallurgy HRC69 Fair Excellent Excellent ‚Čísteel Excellent
Cemented carbide Powder metallurgy HRC69 Poor Good Poor <steel Poor
Ceramics Firing HRC83 Very poor Poor Good <<steel Poor
Hardened steel Quenching & tempering HRC60 Good Unnecessary Poor =steel Fair
Property comparison of KH and other materials

Manufacturing hard materials

KH does not harden through heat treatments in the manner of steel. Instead, it is hardened by producing hard ceramic, which is created by sintering metal powder in the following process:

Precursor powder -> comminution, mixing, and drying -> compacting -> compact processing -> vacuum sintering -> grinding and other finishing -> final product

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