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Hard material KH

Application examples
Corrosion and abrasion resistant parts

Shaft sleeves for chemical and seawater use

Prevents corrosion due to chemical and seawater, abrasion from the sea sand, and sliding abrasion with bearings.

Dies for copper and brass

Maintains a high degree of hardness even at high temperatures due to high heat resistance, and prevents heat cracks and abrasion due to high temperatures. In addition, the low wettability is maintained.

Plungers for chemical use

Superbly resists chemical corrosion and abrasion due to sliding.

KH cladding tubes

KH cladding tubes

As in the above examples, KH cladding tubes are bonded to KH only where abrasion resistance is required

This tube is used for lining or other powdered contact area to prevent abrasion. This tube can be welded, and there is no risk of fall-off.

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