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Application examples
Anti-corrosion and anti-wear components for injection molding machines

Injection molding machines are used in the manufacturing industry for manufacturing plastic. In recent years, plastic has been used as a metal replacement. These resins are often formed at high temperatures and are highly corrosive, and parts containing a large quantity of inorganic filler so as to strengthen the material wear easily.

The KH molding machine components featuring high anti-wear and anti-corrosion performance are enjoying a high reputation in the market as anti-corrosion and anti-wear components of the highest grade (cylinders, screws, 3 components and nozzles).

KH cylinders, screws, and screw parts

Excellent performance is demonstrated as anti-corrosion and anti-wear parts for engineering plastics and super engineering plastics (PPS, nylon, LCP, etc.) that contain a large quantity of a reinforcing material such as glass fiber.

A high-hardness, ultrahigh anti-corrosive grade (KHN) suitable for the molding of fluorine resins is also available as a product lineup.

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