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Best Chocks-Remover

Kohan Kogyo chock removers use the air cushioning of an air bearing for a high degree of directional adherence and protecting roll necks from damage.
The chock replacement time is less than half of that of the crane system, improving both quality and efficiency.

Best Chocks-Remover removes heavy roll chocks such as mill rolls by applying air bearing technology

Best Chocks-Remover reduces the time for removing roll chocks and prevents damage to roll necks

Product lineup

Hand palette type

Hand palette type

Well-suited for installation in already-existing roll shops
Uses little space
Powered entirely by air

Passenger type

Passenger type

Well-suited for roll shops with a high frequency of chock replacement
Operate through a dolly
No manual labor
Powered entirely by air

Fully automatic type

Fully automatic type

Labor saving model operates through fully automated movement and lifting

Features of Best Chocks-Remover

No damage to roll necks

No skilled workers required

High level of safety

Reduction of chock replacement time by half

Less crane use

Long life and superior maintainability

Comparison of removal systems

Item Best Chocks-Remover Hydrostatic drive dolly system Crane system
Protection against roll neck damage Excellent Poor Fair
Installation space Fair to Poor Poor Excellent
Crane use Good Good Poor
Time required
(assuming 5 stands)
3 h/use
3 h/use
6 to 8 h/use
Workability Good Good Poor
Safety Good Good Poor
Proficiency level required Good Good Poor
Overall Good Fair Poor

*Results from customer feedback and an investigation by Kohan Kogyo Co., Ltd.

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