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Supporting equipment for strapping

Hoop cutter with air hammer and coiling unit

Hoop cutter with air hammer

This tool demonstrates the power to cut exceedingly tight hoops. The air hammer mechanism enables you to easily insert the blade edge into even the smallest gaps between the strapped objects and the hoops. Simply press a button and the hoops are cut.

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Coiling unit

The power source for the coiling unit is compressed air alone. Simply press a single button to compactly coil scrap hoops removed from packaging.

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Fully automatic hoop cutter

This machine cuts a hoop to the specified dimension, attaches a seal to the leading end, bends the leading end of the strap to the specified dimension, and folds the strap to prevent the seal from coming off.
Simply set the counter to determine the cutting length of the hoop. The machine stops automatically when the specified number of hoops has been cut.

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