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Bestorque valve actuators

Kohan Kogyo Bestorque valve actuators utilize air motor technology that automatically opens and closes valves using air power.
The primary feature of the valve actuator is that it can be easily retrofitted to existing valves. Backed by a record of selling over 20,000 worldwide, Kohan Kogyo valve actuators respond to the power-saving and safety needs of our customers. Our bestseller is an inexpensive SA-type, which achieves superior cost performance, especially when used with large valves.
Bestorque avoids the sparking that is common to electrically-powered equipment to achieve a reputation for exceptional explosion protection.

Air motor prevents explosion, easily retrofitted to existing valves

Product lineup

Bestorque SA (SA type)

Bestorque SA (SA type)

Our best-seller with an all-round performance in many fields

Bestorque Pretty (SA-P type)

Bestorque Pretty (SA-P type)

Excellent for compact valve applications

Bestorque III (BIII type)

Bestorque III (BIII type)

Provides torque amplification and torque limiter for superior functionality

Features of bestorque

Compact & lightweight with a high output

By using an air motor powered by compressed air, Bestorque can generate a high torque while maintaining a compact size.
Bestorque is an especially powerful tool for applications in hazardous areas.
Its simple structure also enables easy maintenance.

No major conversions required

Bestorque can be attached to an existing valve simply by assembling the attachment bracket, replacing the handle with a boss, and attaching the main unit with bolts.
Not only does this reduce attachment costs, but it also means that Bestorque can be attached while equipment is operating.

No valve limitations

Bestorque can be attached to various types of valves.
It can also be used to automate a range of rotating devices such as jacks, lifters, winches, and weighted door handles.
Bestorque can be attached on the bottom, and either horizontally or vertically.

Wide range of applications

Bestorque can be used in plants and factories for a wide range of equipment and valves, and for many purposes.
Bestorque also offers a rich lineup of options such as position sensors and explosion limiters which can be used in combination to provide the control you need for your application.

Labor-saving valve operation

Bestorque lightens the workload of valve operators.

Remote-controlled valve operation

Values can be operated by remote control, improving efficiency and enabling central control.

Countermeasures in hazardous areas and emergency situations

Values can be remote-control operated in hazardous areas, improving worker safety.
Valves are shut off automatically in an emergency, reducing damage caused by fire or other accident.

Many control options

Bestorque provides a range of control options such as limiters and control units, enabling many different types of control.

Adjustable closing torque

The Bestorque lineup also includes actuators in which the closing torque for closing the valve can be adjusted.
The gear ratio when opening the valve is also switched automatically so that a 1.5-fold torque is always output.

Bestorque sales record

With over 23,000 units sold, Bestorque is used in many different fields, from petroleum refineries and petrochecmical plants to the steel and power industries.

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