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Strapping bands

Delivering high reliability from a pioneer in the strapping band market. We can recommend the perfect band for your usage and machine.

Kohan Kogyo's strapping bands are unlike any other strapping band. They are highly acclaimed for their many superior features and are used by many customers.
By proposing mechanical properties and coating colors that match customer usage, we continue to provide strapping machines and integrated strapping bands that respond to customers who say, "I wish such a product existed."

Product lineup

SS-TOP steel straps

SS-TOP steel straps

Kohan Kogyo has used their experience and technology cultivated over many years to create SS-TOP steel straps. SS-TOP is elegant and safe, and exhibits overall accuracy and uniform strength.

Bestop steel seals

Bestop steel seals

Kohan Kogyo's Bestop steel seals combine high strength and precise dimensional accuracy through a high degree of quality control. Use with steel straps for optimal operational efficiency.

Inquiries for strapping machine products

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