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Air bearings for transporting heavy cargo

Using only 1/1000th of the power conventionally required, air bearing systems use air power to lift cargo weighing from several hundred to several thousand tons. Air bearings for heavy weight cargo and air porters for medium weight cargo are available from Kohan Kogyo. We sell units and also provide solution services to respond to all types of transportation problems.
Rolling chock removers for steel plants, which utilize the cushioning and low friction coefficient features of air bearings, are highly acclaimed for their cost and ease of use.

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Product lineup

Air bearings

Air bearings (units)

Ideal for moving large, heavy objects with compressed air
Equivalent to a dolly wheel. Available from capacities of 230 kg to 39 tons per unit. Individual units as well as sets are available for purchase.

Air cassettes

Air cassettes

Immediately install and use in existing facilities
A product set composed of an air bearing with an air tank. Capacity is the same as an individual air bearing.

Air porter

Air porter

Equipped with a blower so no air source is needed and can be used on steps
Can be used even in environments with no air source because air porters are equipped with a blower. Also suitable for stairs and gaps, which air bearings cannot pass over. Available from capacities of 300 kg to 800 kg per unit.

Illustration of operations

Unlike wheel conveyors, the flexible maneuvering of air bearings is well-suited for positioning that requires fine adjustments.

Illustration of operations

Comparisons with other systems

Air bearings demonstrate exceptional properties for diverse transporting and moving purposes.

  Moving method
Item Air bearings Caster Rail dolly Fork
Rolling pull carts
(such as chill rollers)
Friction coefficient Good Fair Good Fair - Fair
Freedom of movement Good Poor Poor Good Good Poor
Positioning ease Good Poor Poor Poor Good Poor
Inter-building transport Good Good Good Good Poor Good
Transport in narrow areas Good Fair Poor Fair Poor Poor
Safety Good Good Fair Fair Fair Fair
Cleanliness Good Poor Poor Poor Poor Poor
Dolly height Good Fair Poor Fair - Good
Floor damage Good Poor - Fair Good Poor
License required Good Good Good Poor Poor Good

*Results from customer feedback and an investigation by Kohan Kogyo Co., Ltd.

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