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President's message

President's message

Since our foundation in 1934 as a company specializing in machinery, Kohan Kogyo has continued to value the importance of technology and quality.
Through innovative and original machine technologies, we have produced strapping systems, heavy transport systems, and valve actuators that have gained the trust of customers worldwide.
Currently, we are expanding our business by adding new product lineups in the fields of hard materials, surface modification, and aluminum substrates for magnetic disks, all of which have been developed by using Kohan Kogyo's unique advanced materials technology, heat treatment and surface treatment technology, and precision machining technology.
Although our target markets are diverse, we strive to create mutually inspiring products that meet the individual needs of our customers and provide them with new value.
We will continue to work with other companies in the Toyo Kohan Group to deliver products, systems and solutions that benefit all our customers.

Toshio Yamamoto, PresidentYukimasa shiomichi, President

Corporate philosophy

Understanding the needs of our age and contributing to global industry with original technology

Corporate slogan

Technology for your Business

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