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May 1934 The company is founded in Osaka City as Tokkyo Seihan Co., Ltd.
May 1937 Toyo Kohan Co., Ltd. acquires Kohan Kogyo Co., Ltd.
May 1946 Our name changes to Kohan Shoji Co., Ltd. The company specializes in processing and marketing iron and steel products made mainly with products and scrap from Toyo Kohan Co., Ltd.
September 1950 Our name changes to Kohan Kogyo Co., Ltd. after merging with Kansai Casting.
December 1965 Kohan Kogyo headquarters moves to Tokyo and establishes an Osaka branch.
January 1966 Kohan Kogyo establishes an office in Kudamatsu.
October 1976 Kohan Kogyo merges with Kohan Kiko and Tokyo Kiki and assumes the steel strap and machinery businesses from these companies.
July 1983 Our headquarters moves to Kudamatsu. The Tokyo and Osaka branchs are reorganized as sales offices.
August 1985 We open a precision machining works in Kudamatsu.
July 1993 The Tokyo and Osaka sales office are designated as branch offices.
April 1996 The precision machining works is reorganized into an electronics materials works and hard materials works.
September 1999 The machinery and electronics materials works acquire ISO 9001 certification.
2004 The entire company acquires ISO 14001 certification.
April 2005 The hard materials works acquires ISO 9001 certification.
May 2005 The steel strap works acquires ISO 9001 certification.
April 2010 Toyo Kohan transfers the hard materials sales division to integrate manufacturing and sales.
April 2010 We establish a Nagoya sales group.
August 2010 The Nagoya sales group relocated.
April 2012 We establish a Kohan Kogyo Co., Ltd. Taiwan Liaison Office in Taichung city, Taiwan.
September 2012We establish Kohan Kogyo Korea Co., Ltd. in Seoul city, South Korea.
July 2016Kohan Kogyo Korea Co., Ltd. has moved its offices to Pusan, Korea.
September 2018We establish hard materials works, Mishima Office in Shizuoka prefecture.

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