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Community and environment

Environmental policy

Our Philosophy

As a member of Toyo Kohan Group, we at Kohan Kogyo Co., Ltd. are acutely aware that protecting the global environment and improving the quality of our environment is the most important issue facing humanity today. That's why we meticulously consider the environmental implications of all activities at Kohan Kogyo, contributing to the development of a sustainable society.

Our Actions

  1. Kohan Kogyo Co., Ltd. will continuously improve the environmental management system and enhance the environmental performance.
  2. Kohan Kogyo Co., Ltd. will comply with laws, ordinances and other regulatory requirements, and meet compliance obligations.
  3. Kohan Kogyo Co., Ltd. will set up environmental objectives and targets, and strive to accomplish them.
  4. Kohan Kogyo Co., Ltd. will tackle the activities described below to promote environmental protection.
    1. Energy conservation and resource saving
    2. Reduction in waste generation, reuse and recycle
    3. Eco-friendly product development, technology development, and product manufacturing
  5. Kohan Kogyo Co., Ltd. will educate and enlighten its employees to raise environmental awareness of them.
  6. Kohan Kogyo Co., Ltd. will maintain good communication with society and will contribute to building a better environment for the community.

Environmental practice

  1. ISO14001 certification acquired
    As a member of Toyo Kohan Group, we at Kohan Kogyo Co., Ltd. are actively involved in acquiring the integrated environmental management system certification for Toyo Kohan Group.
  2. Kohan Kogyo Co., Ltd. applies the environmental management system to all the businesses.
  3. Please refer to the website of Toyo Kohan Co., Ltd.(Japanese) for the results of the environmental practice.

Social activities

As part of its activities to beautify the living environment, Kohan Kogyo Co. cleans public roads in the vicinities of its premises several times a year. The Company also actively participates in voluntary community activities such as a zero-rubbish campaign and flower garden contests sponsored by the municipality. These activities are becoming good opportunities for the local citizens to better understand the stance of the Company in promoting environmental conservation.

zero-rubbish campaign

flower garden contests

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